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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Movin' On

Yesterday we went to the Fort Davis ruins.  Very windy, it felt like we were being sandblasted walking around.  Didn't even take the camera out.
We left about 7:40am and drove to Marfa, got on US 90 and drove to I-10.  I really enjoyed driving on 90, very little traffic, good roads, nice shoulders.
It started getting pretty windy just before El Paso, but settled down as we got into town.  Fueled up just before the state line ($600 worth!).  Finally escaped Texas!  Can't believe we spent 3 weeks getting across Texas.  But it was fun and we saw a lot of neat places.  We're at Caballo Lake RV park until Monday morning.  As we were driving up the last 10 miles got very windy, the worst we had yet.  We could see what looked like either fog or dust, we never found out which, across the lake as we pulled into the campground.  It's supposed to get down to 27 tonight so didn't hook up water yet.  Feels like the wind may be finally settling down.
Tomorrow we may drive over to Silver City then up to Gila Cliffs ruins.

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  1. Must be windy everywhere! We've had wind down here in Corpus Christi since we arrived on Tuesday...spent two days just north of town at a free site, and have now moved down to Padre Island for a few days to ride out the storm that has come in....a little tough to get a charge into the batteries with little, or no sun. We entered Texas on February 18th, and will be here another week, or so.