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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Davis Mountain State Park part deux

That's our coach right in the middle.


While sipping my coffee this morning Cindy said to look out of the window.  About 8 mule deer
wandered through the campground.  We drove up to McDonald Observatory, about 20
minutes up the mountain.  Took a really nice tour of 2 of the telescopes, The 82" and 170"
reflectors.  The smaller one is about 32' long!  Really neat to be close to almost touch them.  The
larger one we couldn't go in the room but saw it through a glass wall.  Tomorrow night we'll go to
a "star party" they hold a couple times during the week.  We'll be able to look through a few of the
smaller telescopes.  Looking forward to that.  Just had wine, fruit, and cheese and crackers.
Enjoying the nice cool clear weather.

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