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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another day in Paris

We all slept pretty well last night.  Forest got up about 9, me about 9:30 and Mike a little later (he didn't sleep as well).  We headed out about 10:30am for the day.  First stop (we walked) was to see the Sainte-Chapelle, "a gem of High Gothic architecture".  This church had beautiful stained glass windows all around.  "The 1,113 scenes depicted in the 15 stained glass windows tell the story of mankind from Genesis through to Christ's resurrection.  Fourteen of the windows, depicting episodes from the bible, should be read from left to right, from the bottom upwards."    "The western rose (huge stained glass window) illustrates the prophetic Apocalypse of St. John, symbolically represented opposite the Passion of Christ in the choir's central stained glass window."   There is your history lesson for the day.  There was so much to see in this one church, just beautiful.

After seeing Sainte-Chapelle, we headed for the Metro to take us to the Eiffel Tower.  We had to change lines and were able to accomplish that task with Mike's help.  The Eiffel Tower is an amazing sight....... huge......... thousands of people............. beautiful parks all around.  Mike did a couple of sketches and Forest took several photographs.  We did not take the tour, nor did we climb up the tower.  We just enjoyed the view from the ground.

We decided to walk back.  Not a bad walk, just a very long one.  The walk was very pleasant, not many people once we got a ways from the Eiffel Tower.  The buildings are tall and the streets narrow, so we were in the shade most of the way.  Well we walked and walked and walked.   We were getting hungry and not finding any restaurants along our route.  We passed the Grande Palais and the Petite Palais.  Finally we found a place to each lunch, it was now 4PM (Paris time), we were all pretty hungry, so we made this lunch and supper.  After so much walking (about 1 1/2 hours from the tower to the restaurant) we debated on finishing the trip home on foot or on the Metro..... Metro it is.  After changing trains once, we found our way back to the closest station home.  Stopping at the bakery for fresh bread and pastries (breakfast), grocery for milk, fruit and beer, and the fromagerie for cheese; we finished our trip home.  After naps and checking email, we enjoyed fresh bread, cheese, fruit, wine and beer about 8PM. 
Rose Window in Saint Chappelle

Saint Chappelle
mural on Grand Palais
Petit Palais
Saint Magdalene

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