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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 This morning after a leisurely breakfast we walked over to the boat and enjoyed a nice cool ride across the lake to Thun, pronounced toon. 
Thun is a beautiful city with a castle. The castle was built in the 1100's and is now a museum. We enjoyed walking through all of the little streets looking at the old swiss houses.  We found a little bakery and shared a piece of delicious chocolate cake. 
On the walk back to the boat we stumbled upon a gelato shop and had to stop.
The town has three small rivers running through it and kids would jump from the bridges and let the 6 mph current carry them down to the next bridge.  It looked like they were having lots of fun, but I told Cindy if kids would try that back home they would probably get arrested.  Oh well, at least these kids know how to have real fun like we did growing up.
We made our way back to the boat and enjoyed a ride back to Interlocken.
We're packing up since we head to Genoa, Italy tomorrow morning.
Switzerland has been fun and is definately on our return list.

I wanted to ride on the side paddle wheeler but couldn't time it right

some captive they were about to torture

saw this sculpture as we were walking back to the boat.


  1. Forest, the pictures are spectacular! Looks like a great time is being had by all. Safe Travels....when do you meet up with David and Denise?

  2. They flew over yesterday and we meet up in Monte Carlo on Friday at the Jacques Cousteau museum. Thanks, we are really enjoying ourselves. But I'd really enjoy a tall glass of REAL ICE tea. Ice is hard to find, and the only tea is in a bottle....