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Sunday, August 12, 2012

One more day in Paris

French lesson for the day:  carpaccio de boeuf = thin sliced RAW beef!
Quit your whining and eat your dinner Mikie....actually he was a trooper and ate half of it.  I had roast lamb shank and Cindy had a light meal of pomme frites.  After we had ice cream for dessert at a little shop.   I had rum raisin with real rum, delicious!  Then we watched some street performers dancing for a while, they were pretty good, lots of acrobatics.
Yesterday was a quiet day for me, knee was sore from the day before.  Mike took off in the morning to do some sketching.  Cindy roamed the area around the apartment and beyond.  So no pictures.
Today we are going to Mass at Notre Dame and then take a train to see Chartres.  Mike wants to see the church.  Should be a nice day and we'll be able to see some of the countryside from the train ride.
Tomorrow we fly to Rome for a week.

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