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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another day in Rome

We didn't get out as early as we had planned.  So we walked a ways, took a bus to Termini Station and got a metro (wouldn't you know it, the escalators weren't working, my knee may never recover) to the Coloseum.  Very crowded, so we walked around took a few pictures and started walking towards the Trevi Fountain.  Mike went his own way and Cindy and I had lunch at a small ristorante.
After we found the Trevi, after seeing it in so many movies I thought it would be in a large open space.  Wrong, while the fountain is large the area around it is small and has buildings all around it.  We then walked to the Pantheon.
Then we started walking again, found a gelato stand and I had pesco (peach) and Cindy had rosa, yes it tasted just like you would image a rose would taste like!  Both were very good. 
We walked back to the river and walked home.  We were both exhausted from all the walking and the heat.  It's been in the 90's since we got here but does cool off into the 70's at night.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.
the view outside of our apartment
looking into the Coloseum

Cindy dreaming of coming back

for all you door lovers

Cindy enjoying her rose gelato

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