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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Murren & Schilthorn

It is Tuesday and the weather here in Interlaken, Switzerland is beautiful.  When I opened my eyes this morning I could see the snow covered mountains right outside our patio door.  We slept with the patio door and window opened last night.  We don't have A/C and had really not cooled off enough from our long, hot day of travel.  The room cooled down really well during the night and was nice and cool this morning.  We have a corner room with a window on one side and a small patio/porch with a little table and 2 chairs on the other side.  The view is fabulous.  Our room includes breakfast in the morning from 7:30 - 9:30.  So we went on down about 8 for breakfast.  It was really nice.  There is an espresso coffee maker, fresh bread, croissants, 6 or 8 cereals, yogurt, ham, salami, cheese, fruit, fresh preserves, milk, OJ....... all set out for self service.  So we enjoyed a very filling, relaxed breakfast.

We headed out about 9:30 this morning for Schilthorn.  We took the train from Interlaken West to Interlaken Ost, just about a 5 minute ride.  Then onto another train to Lautenbraunen, then a gondola, another train, 2 more gondolas, with a stop in Murren (a beautiful alpine village, no cars, then finally arrived at Schilthorn.  We enjoyed the 360 degree view of the Alps for quite a while, and the cool temps.  It was 14 C or about 58 F, then went inside to the revolving restaurant and enjoyed the view while we enjoyed a light lunch.  We chose the soup buffet and had hungarian goulash soup, after I had finished my bowl Cindy asked what meat did I think was in it?  I told her I'd rather not know since it was so good!
On the way back we sat in Murren and watched the para-gliders take off from one of the ski slopes and ride the thermals up through the valleys.  You can see dozens of them in the valleys soaring overhead, it's fun to hear them whooping it up when they start spinning up in an updraft.  Then we started our trip back to Interlaken, gondolas and trains.  Really an enjoying voyage.  We stopped and picked up fresh pears, peaches, apples, figs, bread, and a bottle of wine for dinner.  The fruit is very good.
So another gorgeous day in the Swiss Alps.  Tomorrow we might take a lake tour on a classic side paddle wheeler.  Tanja at the B&B said there are castles along one of the lakes so we may have to check that out.

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