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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pirates on the Midi Canal!

After a good night sleep we headed into town for croissants and coffee, and groceries.  It's so
nice to have these little bakeries everywhere.  David went to buy wine and came back with 2-
5 liter jugs of the local wine for $15 euros, which is pretty good wine.
We then headed back to Port Cassafrieres for the night with David running the boat this time. 
The 2 locks were much easier this time and the ladies handled the ropes like pros.  Another
beautiful blue sky, cool day for a nice cruise up the Canal du Midi.  After we pulled into the
dock we took the bikes for a ride.  We were less than a mile to the beach on the
Mediterranean so we headed there for a while.  The beach was very crowded with families
sunbathing (some topless, some shouldn't be) and kids playing and swimming in the water. 
We then came back to the boat and walked over to a little restaurant for a beer and wifi. 
After we fixed dinner- rotisserie chicken, cheese & basil ravioli, salad, and bread, with wine of
course.  Then we just enjoyed the evening visiting until we were all tired and headed to our
I was awakened last night about 2 by loud noises on the deck above our bed.  I jumped up
ready to do battle with pirates.  I carefully opened the top hatch and cautiously looked
around.  Ahah! I must have scared them off because the only thing I found was the little door
to close off the top deck was swinging shut with the coming rain storm.  You know pirates
like to attack in the dark just before a storm.  So I latched the door and went down and back
to sleep.
Our hearts and prayers are with our friends and family back home as they wait for hurricane
Isaac to hit.  Good luck mes amis!
It's still a little quiet now, Cindy just made coffee and D&D aren't up yet.  Looks like the rain
may have passed so I might take the bike down to the bakery for croissants.
Today we head up the Midi to another small village for the night.  Then tomorrow we have a
series of 7 locks together and want to be in line early.  Our plans are to make our way to
Trebes and take a taxi over to Carcassonnes, a walled village to explore.

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